FACT: The pivot is widely regarded as the engine to the golf swing.

If you are having trouble with a nagging hook or slice that you've learned to play with or the backswing sway that depletes all your power during downswing. If you are having trouble getting through short chip shots caused by forward sway...

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The Story

I was the guy on the course who was always hitting it onto houses, buses, the rough, and everywhere else except where I wanted.

My name is Wayne Snyder and I was one lesson away from having to wear an electric shock collar to make me stop the sway when my golf instructor Nick asked me if I could make a device that would keep my lower half QUIET! I did but only with a couple conditions of my own. 1) Nothing attaches to the body whatsoever. There is enough going on in a golf swing without thinking about a contraption attached to your leg. 2) It must be functional inside as well as outside. I use mine every day inside in front of a mirror and what a difference.

Since using the Power Pivot, my game has improved tremendously and my slice is a thing of the past. Every time I go to the range, I find more and more people suffering from the same bad habits I had before.

Chad Miller Dad the Mom

Power Pivot Creator Wayne Snyder

How it Works

A major problem golfers have with their swing comes from a back and forth sway. When your legs and hips sway during your golf swing, it can cause a drastic effect on your shot. Swaying can cause slices, under-powered hits, and is a leading cause of topping the ball. The Power Pivot teaches you to keep your legs and stance firmly planted so that your swing is consistent and straight.

Simply bring the Power Pivot to the driving range, place it under your foot accordingly, and swing like normal. The purpose is to practice with the Power Pivot and learn to not sway when you swing. There should be no pressure against your leg from the Power Pivot as it's simply there to remind you to stay planted and stop the sway.

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How it Purchase

Designed and Made in the USA!

Includes delivery to anywhere in the USA

Price $79.95 + Tax

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The Power Pivot easily disassembles to fit in any golf bag. Perfect for a gift for that hard to buy for golfer in your family!

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